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TUMI protects the things that matter most,
the things you own and the planet you travel to see.

Our planet is an astonishing place and we believe it’s our responsibility to preserve it for travelers of the future. By putting excellence and quality first, we ensure that every TUMI product has lifelong purpose, supported by our rigorous testing standards, exploration of recycled materials, and global repair network.

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    Built To Last

    TUMI quality and durability standards are paramount – our product is built to stay on the road. Our products made with recycled fabric will meet the same standards as any TUMI product.

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    Recycled Material Innovation

    TUMI continually explores new and different recycled materials and components. Our recycled collections use fabric made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles as well as from recycled nylon.

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    Global Repair Network

    If something goes wrong, we’ll fix it. If it breaks, we’ll repair it. If it’s lost, we’ll help you track it down with the TUMI Tracer® product recovery program. This means fewer bags end up in landfill.

Protecting what matters.

TUMI protects the things that matter most, the things you own and the planet you travel to see. Durability is our promise – to keep your belongings safe and respect the world's resources, because our planet is an astonishing place and we believe it’s our responsibility to preserve it for travelers of the future.

Sustainability is woven into the fabric of everything we do.

You are our inspiration. Your passion for travel reminds us how important it is to protect the things and places you love.

We want to keep the world traveling by creating products that last, by working within our planet’s limits and by protecting the rights and wellbeing of everyone we work with.

Sustainability affects all of our operations and so we’ve created a roadmap to help us on the journey. It has four areas: Innovative Products, Carbon Action, Thriving Supply Chains, People Focused.

1. Innovative Products

TUMI is — and has always been — committed to creating durable products that last. We’ll protect your belongings wherever you travel — we design for durability and test every bag 30 different ways. We’ll create the highest quality products using responsible and environmentally-friendly materials and production methods.

Our luggage is designed to keep you on the road, and in the event of accidental damage we’ll repair it, wherever in the world that may be. By increasing the lifespan of your bag, we’re decreasing the load on landfill.

Recycled Collection


2. Carbon Action

We are committed to making changes in our business to minimize our impact on climate change.

We’re working with our operations around the world to reduce carbon emissions by 15% and transition to 100% renewable energy by 2025, doing our part to preserve the world’s beautiful places.

3. Thriving Supply Chain

We have established a suppliers’ code of conduct known as the “Standards of Engagement” which allows us to fulfil our responsibility to build an economy that supports thriving businesses and people.

Our supplier code of conduct requires our suppliers to meet our standards of fair and responsible business, so that everyone involved in the making of TUMI luggage is treated with respect and care.

4. People Focused

Our journey is powered by people, our greatest asset. It’s their passion and commitment that will help us make the world’s most sustainable luggage.

We make a difference to our communities wherever we can. Working with exceptional partners like St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, All Hands & Hearts, and Waves for Water, we strive to make tough journeys lead to better places.


Material Innovation

Recycled Plastic

980,531 plastic bottles have been diverted from landfill and into TUMI bags. We use post-consumer recycled PET fabric as the interior lining, zipper tape, webbing, and binding.

Eliminating PVC Materials

Innovative design has helped us to eliminate the majority of PVC used in our products.

Water-based Poly Fabric

We use a water-based polyurethane coating process for the fabrics in our bags instead of using a solvent-based coating process, resulting in less contaminants in the water supply.

Recycled Zinc

We’re cutting the amount of virgin zinc in hardware on our bags by 50% and replacing it with recycled zinc. This means less environmental damage from mining, less depletion of limited zinc deposits, less energy to extract and alloy the zinc and less zinc wasted in landfill.