Stories From Our Acclaimed TUMI Crew

Debuting this fall, "Built for the Journey," our documentary-style campaign, features short, global films centered on resiliency, protecting what matters and the pursuit of excellence. It showcases the lives of pro footballer Son Heung-min, singer-songwriter Gracie Abrams, actor and musician Anthony Ramos and F1 McLaren driver Lando Norris.

Gracie and Anthony Travel with TEGRA-LITE®

The TUMI team accompanied singer-songwriter Gracie Abrams and actor and musician Anthony Ramos to film their global travel stories with durable, resilient, sustainable TEGRA-LITE® pieces. Each video highlights features of TEGRA-LITE® and showcases the collection as one that is built to last and essential for people on the move.

Gracie in Paris

For her tour, Gracie packed everything she needed in TEGRA-LITE® pieces. Her campaign was inspired by her song, “For Real This Time.”

Anthony in Puerto Rico

Anthony stored meaningful mementos in TEGRA-LITE® cases. He also wrote a new campaign song called “Maleta,” which means bag in Spanish.

TEGRA-LITE® is comprised of recycled materials and features unique, state-of-the-art technology for strength, luxury performance and longevity. The collection is built for global travels.

The Entire TUMI Crew

Each person’s journey highlights TUMI’s most loved collections with new, innovative materials and designs that stand for strength, beauty and performance luxury. Like our Crew.

Son Heung-min

He’s ready to kickstart all his journeys with our iconic 19 Degree Aluminum collection. This means traveling to tours, going back home and more.

Gracie Abrams

TEGRA-LITE® is comprised of recycled materials for sustainability, features innovative technology and withstands high impact. This is important for her worldwide tours.

Anthony Ramos

The undeniable resilience of TEGRA-LITE® allows him to securely transport everything he needs in sustainable pieces, whether going to or from Puerto Rico.

Lando Norris

The TUMI | McLaren Carbon Fiber CFX collection features a lightweight, soft touch material engineered for strength, which is essential for a racecar driver.